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The beginning

I started my adult life as a musician primarily but my mother's love of Pilates soon turned into my interest too and every year we would study new courses together.  So I've come into my Pilates journey not through sport or dance but through music. 

I realise now how important music has been in my teaching, through the work with breath and even from a performance side of things with alignment.

I first started teaching Pilates under Michael King in 2004 and soon started to run his equipment studio in Richmond, until I started training with Polestar Pilates in Old street.  During my Polestar years, I became very interested in lots of different movement methods which led me to Katy Bowman’s nutritious movement and many more. 


I moved to Brighton from London in 2010 and continued working in London and from home until my first child was born. I have been working from home since then but in 2012, I started working once again with my good friend Ana Barretxeguren at her studio, Brighton pilates studio .

Having children changed my teaching considerably and my interests moved into fascia, biomechanics and alignment, I started studying with Katy Bowman which filled in some gaps. Although I am principally a Pilates teacher, the many other courses I have attended have influenced me greatly and my teaching has become much more varied. I started assisting on the training courses for Evolve movement education a number of years ago with Ana and the incredible team at BPS. Since then, there has been a global pandemic and everything is very different.

The working week has changed and lots of my clients work from home. This makes Zoom and google meet a good option for some.  For others, they still want the manual work that coming in to a studio gives you.

I work from home at 68 and Viaduct all week and on weekends.  Please go to the bookings calendar to book your class.  You will need to sign in as a member to keep your details safe. 

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Photo by Kevin @namekreative 



“Emma is a very knowledgeable, intuitive and experienced Pilates and movement teacher. I have attended classes with her for years and love her style of instruction and cueing. She has helped me out of pain and into good posture. Classes with Emma are so enjoyable as she also has a great sparkling personality and sense of fun.”


“Emma helped me solve my chronic knee pain which had been restricting me from cycling and keeping me awake at night. She helped me to identify tight muscle groups which were adding pressure to my knees and as quickly as two weeks I was sleeping better and back on my bike.”


“It is not an exaggeration to say that Emma has changed my life! i was in pain every day until I started working with her. It’s taken a bit of time and I need to keep making the effort, but I now have freedom of movement again and a level of comfort that I haven’t experienced for a long time. Her many years of experience have made her remarkably intuitive about individual needs and she is also fun to be around so I absolutely love it.


“Emma remains undefeated in her resolution of my minor injuries and lifestyle induced joint and muscle pains, working her magic to find the source of what’s really wrong. I leave the class taller, more supple and more aware. It’s fun, it’s human and it’s something I enjoy each week. No two classes are the same, yet every class is tailored to me.”

Thank you to all the talented photographers who through unsplash make their gorgeous art available to all. 

Kevin Clarke. @namekreative

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